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The state of Kerala holds the second place in having the largest collection of archaeologically important murals sites, the first being Rajasthan . The mural tradition of kerala evolved as a complement to her unique architectural style.It characterized by their liner accuracy,the adherence to color symbolism,elaborated ornamentations and sensitive portrayal of emotions.

Above every things else it open outs to the viewer a fascinating world of colors,holding out against human apathy and negligence as well as the ravage of time.From 17th through 19th century at the part of  decorating temple and palace wall was predominantly a part of religious art.Auspicious stories from Vedas ,Puranas ,Agamas and the pictures from the dhyanaslokas painted in appropriate colors ,proportions and moods yield excellent result to the house and the artist.

I am a mural artist who learned from Guruvayur Mural Institute as the disciple of guru Mammiyur Krishnankutty Nair.I had established TATVAMASI MURAL ARTISTS in Delhi since 1998.I could make so many institutions like,AIIMS, NIRMAN BHAVAN, GANDHI MULTI MEDIA MUSEUM ( Gandhi smriti, New Delhi ),SWRL, Centre for mohiniattom,Maha Irshi Ashram etc...

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